There, I’ve done it again. I have reapplied for P1 W1MAX, and I’m planning to keep it for good. I’ve had an earlier concern about the disconnection issue. Therefore I came up with a backup plan. I went to TM Point in Cyberjaya yesterday to downgrade my existing Streamyx package. I am currently subscribed to the Streamyx Unlimited 512 kbps package. The level of satisfaction with Streamyx leaves a lot to be desired. In the 2 years I had the Streamyx, I had to endure the constant disconnection and the excruciating (lack of) speed.

So it was with great relief that I had come to use the lowly Streamyx Combo, with the measily 384 kbps. That will be a fixed cost of RM60 per month, including the phone line. Currently I am paying for more than RM92 monthly just for the phone rental and the Streamyx. Besides, before they had this combo package, I have always wanted the cheapest available unlimited broadband. So the RM60 combo suits me just fine.

It took quite a while for the P1 to be activated, although the brochure clearly states that the application will be activated in an hour! Total bullshit! The reseller whom I got it from (in Jusco Equine, same as my previous experience) is to be blamed this time. When I applied from them at 6 pm yesterday, they said that they will only submit the application midnight! Awww ….. that means that I can’t surf right away! Why can’t they submit my application there and then? Some more they have taken RM100 from me already as the registration fee, something which was not required of me in my previous registration!

So I waited till midnight. But still no connection. The LED still kept on blinking at the orange light. I waited anxiously until about 1 am, but still no signal. So I went to sleep.

The next morning, I went to check, and the LED is now green! I immediately do a speed test:

Speed test for P1

Speed test for P1

I rest my case! That is waaayyyy over the speed that I bargained for (1.2 Mbps)! My area is Pusat Bandar Putra Permai, near Taman Equine in Seri Kembangan. So what are you still waiting for guys? Go get P1 while it’s still new and fast! If you’re afraid of the connection problem like I do, get the cheapest Streamyx Combo like I did as your backup, problem solved!