Singaporeans thrives underground!

Posted: 9th May 2008 by Jacky Yong in Silly me

They do! The very vein that runs through Singapore seems to be beneath the soil. Can’t blame me for thinking like that. The open air seems so bare of life when I was looking for dinner near my hotel on Wednesday. Then I went to the MRT in Tanjung Pagar, and boy was I surprised! It was as if the Singaporeans dug a huge nuclear bunker underground! They live, eat, shop and traverse 10 metres under. There was eateries everywhere, shoe shops, fashion accessories, groceries, you name it. No wonder I can’t find proper dinner on Wednesday and yesterday; they were all located down under, where the traffic of people are. The huge network of their MRT sprawled across most of the areas in the southern and central region. Proper and efficient use of their precious land, I’d say. Go to Orchard and the complex labyrinth of passages and walkways underground will overwhelm a tourist, surely.

Their financial district where I was yesterday and today is a bustling lively place, full of people walking here and there. Earlier I had made a comment that Singaporeans do not like to walk between places. I take that back. On the contrary, Singaporeans walk a lot! Upon arriving at busy road junctions, you would be excused for thinking that you have landed in Tokyo or Hong Kong, two of the most populous regions in the world. We had to leave half-an-hour earlier for lunch to beat the lunch crowd, it’s that scary! I wish I had my camera with me though. Saw a lot of interest buildings and people around that area. Today the place that I worked from is PruTower, located in busy Cecil Street, on the top-most floor, 30th floor, where the CEO is. I tell you, it was a grand sight looking at the heart of Singapore from up so high!

So here I am, typing my blogs from Changi Airport, waiting for boarding. I have not slept enough for these two nights, lots of TVs to watch, and office work to catch up on. All these traveling is making me really tired! Oh, time for boarding. The 8 pm plane will finally take me back to my wife and kids.