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Posted: 20th October 2009 by Jacky Yong in Computers
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Remember my Wira that I have converted to NGV over a year ago? Yes, over a year ago. I keep a record of how much I have traveled and the amount that I refueled so that I can gauge how much I have used and how much I saved compared to using petrol. I wanted to know when I will get a return of investment on the NGV kit that costs me RM 3200. Guess what? It has returned two days ago! From now on, every refueling that we do is an income! How cool is that?

But then again, it is rather unfair to do this kind of calculation. One must remember that since I have converted the Wira to NGV, we made a conscious effort to drive the Wira more often that the Altis. If I have not converted to NGV, all our trips to Sagil would have been on the Altis instead.

Yesterday and today I am off. I need to clear more than 10 days of annual leaves, and they will be burned if I did not finish them by the end of this year. So yesterday I drove all the way to Canon Service Centre at Peremba Square to have my sensor and lens cleaned. I must say, that they really did a great job at it. It was completed in less than the promised 30 minutes. And everything was as good as new! The only thing annoying about the place was that they did not display their latest camera equipments in their showroom. They only have office equipments. Kinda disappointing. But it’s a blessing in disguise; the poison on display would have killed me instantly! =P

Saw this guy with a 40D and a 50D, and a myriads of L lenses there too. He was having his equipment checked, overheard his conversation with the Canon guy that his 580EX II tend to overexpose. Damn, seems this is not an isolated case, some of my friends have their 580EX overexposing every shots too!