Boo to you Datin Chew Mei Fen!

Posted: 3rd November 2009 by Jacky Yong in Current Affairs
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YUCK!! The mere mention of that name brings a bad taste to my mouth! That name has never sound good to me after she lost to Tony Pua in the last general election. It only means one thing; that she cannot be trusted to do things. And her latest remarks in the media sealed her demise.

Everybody by now should already know about the ruckus that is hitting MCA. Her first statement that deserves my boo is her announcement that a fresh election be carried out to elect a new president and vice president for MCA. Okay, I know she is not the only one making that decision, but I hated that decision anyway. To me, I don’t care what is happening inside that stupid MCA, but I still feel for both Chua and especially Ong. I salute Ong’s brave resolve to his stand. I believe that he is a man of his words, and it is hard to find faults with him. The other guy, Datuk Liow, despite his goody-two-shoe looks and soft-spoken demeanour, is no better than the other corrupt government officials. His wife was “alleged” to have received a half-a-million ringgit Toyota Alphard VeilFire from a contractor who just won a project from Datuk Liow. Who stands to benefit when a fresh re-election is called? Datuk Liow of course. And who is supporting him? Our beloved Datin, the subject of this post of course.

The second Boo came from her other remark about a certain potong commercial that she feels is sexist. Ehh hello Datin, since when potong lanciao is derogatory against women? The most is that it qualifies as hamsap (but even that is a long shot). How does it offend you lar Datin? You mean you know how it feels to kena potong is it? She even has the balls (ehh, really?) to call for all women to boycott the company. Please lar Datin, you live in Malaysia, but the rest of us live on Earth. Please grow up and follow the development of the rest of part of the world. If you cannot accept that kind of mild sexist joke, you should just go back and live in the forest.

  1. cheefai7 says:

    Jackie, I know you sudah POTONG. hiak hiak hiak.

  2. Jacky Yong says:

    Hehehe ….. you’re right. But that is beside the point. I will still hate her even if I have not potong’ed yet.