The longest piss

Posted: 24th March 2008 by Jacky Yong in Silly me

How long can you hold a piss? 1 hour? 2 hours? 15 hours?

How long can I hold my piss?……. I forgot.

Anyway I know that I must have held it for a very very long time. Because of the amount of piss that I excreted. Thus the title of this post.

It all happened in 2005, during my RHBI days. There was this company dinner to Colmar Tropical, Bukit Tinggi. It was a great fun day, lots of pictures taken, lots of laughters too. I made a big mistake of not properly clearing my bladder before the trip back to KL. On the way back towards KL, we were caught in this terrible traffic snarl in the Karak Highway toll. That took almost an hour to clear. At that time, my bladder was already dying to explode. Never mind, I will arrive in RHB Centre soon.

How wrong I was! The next stop was not at RHB Centre, instead the bus went to KL Sentral! Damn, that is like more than 20 minutes away man! I was hoping to be able to get off in Sentral and relief myself first. But no luck. The bus moved as soon as it dropped off its passengers. DAMNIT!!! I can’t hold on much longer!

RHB Centre is just 6.2 km away but it felt like an eternity! If there was anything else in my mind, I couldn’t tell, because all that was going on in my mind was how regretful I was that I did not stop in KL Sentral for that vital pit stop!

As we were nearing RHB Centre, I quickly told Gary to take care of my bags. I immediately took the first place on the bottom of the stairs of the bus and jumped off even before the bus stopped moving! I ran and ran like a mad man towards the nearest toilet on the ground floor. I almost mistook the ladies in my hurries. I did a quick scan of the toilet, found a urinal (normally I do not go for the urinals), fumbled with my zippers and plonked my organ down on the cold urinal wall with reckless haste. ARRHHHHH!!!!! TOTAL BLISSSSS!!! I almost cried when that moment came! It almost as if a thousand-year worth of prayers suddenly answered in one minute! I counted the seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 20 seconds. The piss was still going strong; no signs of it ever slowing down. 30 seconds. Still more to come? 35 seconds. Some signs of slowing down. 40 seconds. The torrent has finally peaked and it has now reduced to a gust, then a small pouring, and now to a trickle. 45 seconds. All that’s left is a few drips. Finally! All 45 seconds worth of piss, including the shiver to end of it all. How long did I hold the piss? About only 6 hours. But that six-hour torture was enough to make a man cry!

I have never beaten that record to this day. And I do not intend to. Holding one’s urine is a bad habit. It is bad for your urinal muscle. When you get old, you will get all sorts of problem, like urinary incontinence (unable to hold piss for long, necessitating the use of adult diapers). That said, it is not a reason to drink too little water as well. Whenever there is a chance, go take a leak, especially if you expect not to find a proper toilet for long periods of time, such as going for a road trip in an unfamiliar place. And please, drink a lot of water, and DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

  1. libelly says:

    kakaka……. now only i know about this matter…

  2. Ashlynne says:

    Lol, it’s a torture to hold your piss. ><

    What a funny post, hahaha.

  3. shaneNsc says:

    it was on a road trip with 3 other buddies in college, they had a cooler stocked with beer and coke, and we all drank(exept the driver)on the way up there,a couple of hours into it, my bladder started to feel full ,but every time we passed a rest stop, no one said anything(these guys were heavy drinkers ) so i didnt want to look like the pussy . so i held it , finaly we got to atlanta and stopped at a gas station, it was about a 5 hour drive, i pissed for about a minute and my buddies sounded like they were going longer than me

  4. Jacky Yong says:

    HAHAHAHAA!!! shaneNsc, it’s either you have a huge organ (bladder, what were you thinking?), or an equally large ego! Other than making you do crazy things, it can also full up your bladder pretty quickly! But I wouldn’t wanna piss for more than a minute, and I do hope that you don’t do that again! =P