Transgendered Life

Posted: 28th August 2011 by Jacky Yong in Current Affairs
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It’s sad, it’s really sad. People are rejecting transsexuals everywhere! In recent years we have seen some really interesting developments about these transsexuals, some are good, but mostly bad. New York has finally legalized same sex marriage, although it is not the first city / country to do so. Pakistan is considering  to legalize the third sex. But sadly this has resulted in a torrent of negative images of the gay and lesbian society as a whole. A gay pastor in Malaysia is being condemned for conducting this marriage with his partner, a broadway musical director in New York.

What’s the fuck is wrong with these people? If they love to be with the person that they love, what is wrong with that? Why do they care if they marry their same sex, marry someone with long hair, no hair, or someone who loves picking his/her nose in public? They get married because they believe in the marriage institution that solemnize their union. It’s not only about the sex you dimwit!
Malaysians are still living in the dark ages when it comes to sexual liberation. I must admit that I was once guilty too. Can’t blame me, I was molested by one! There were a lot of them everywhere, in my school, in the streets, on the bus, they look like very normal everyday people.

Imagine if you were born with a cleft in your lips, a deformed limb, or without the gift of sight. They feel that they are different right from the moment they were born, very low self-esteem to show themselves to the world, for fear of being ridiculed and joked about. This is made worse when their own family members finds out about this, and they are forced to “repent” and “go back to the right path”. But deep inside, they cannot change that, they know it. They fail to understand that sexual preference is biological, it’s not a choice like religion (I’m talking about you, you stupid religion-quoting assholes who calls yourselves holy man!) So what do they do about it? You see closet cross-dressers, or transsexuals who roam the back lanes only at night to avoid the criticizing eyes of the society. They try to live like normal people like what the society norm is, but what is the norm?

My perception of them changed as soon as I got to know them better. Being human, they only desire simple things that any normal human want; to love, and be loved. What could possibly be wrong with that? If being with the person they love for the rest of their lives is wrong, then I don’t know what else is right! Do you want insist that they marry the opposite sex, but NOT the person that they love, and spend the rest of their lives in misery? Heck, even your so-called “normal” marriage ends up in divorce, so what can be normal with that?

Let’s get one thing straight (ahem, no pun intended). I am not writing this to sympatize them. They do not need to be pitied upon. They only desire to be recognized as who they should rightfully be known as. It sounds simple, but there are very intricate things that even very I sometimes do wrong. Have a look at this video:

It is unfortunate that transsexuals are considered people with weird sexual preferences, and thus are often related to porn. But there are actually a bunch of very famous transsexuals individuals worthy of our attention, because they fought for what they believe. Look up Christine Jorgensen, Renee Richards, even our very own Jesse Chung, you will realize that they are very common after all.

What you do feel about the new sexual revolution? Just ask yourself this question, how would you feel if your own son or daughter decided to do the sex change? If you just hesitated, I think you are not ready yet …..