Yong Hui Yan

Posted: 4th May 2008 by Jacky Yong in Silly me

Oh by the way, the name is Yong Hui Yan, 杨恺恩, cantonese pinyin.

We celebrated Hui Yan’s full moon yesterday with minimal fanfare. Yesterday also marked the last day that they confinement lady will be with us. And the start of nightmares for us. Imagine waking up to two crying babies in the middle of the night! We’ll have to do it all over again, the sleepless nights, the walking zombies while heating up the baby’s milk, the washing of tonnes of clothings. The smaller baby is more messier than the bigger one, although by not a lot! Smaller babies also require more care when feeding. With Yan Yan, I just throw the bottle at her and she suck down the bottle herself. With Hui Yan, we will have to heat up the milk just to the right temperature, slowly adjust the flow of the milk to her mouth, and burp her if she gets too full. No more movie nights for us for another year it seems!

Does she look like her elder sister Yan Yan? I can’t tell, but my relatives says she looks more like mommy. Compare her pictures with Yan Yan. But one thing is certain, she certainly does behave more girlish than Yan Yan is, for now at least. She has this little set of long fingers, and long body and legs.

Here are some pictures for you.

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  1. libelly says:

    She really looks like ur wife lehhh… and now i don’t think she looks alike with Yan Yan…. at least the eyes and skin colour are different