Erick and Jess – an Autopsy

Posted: 19th October 2007 by Jacky Yong in Computers

FUN. That’s what I would describe it as. Perhaps due to the fact that I have not seen Pui Kuan (Jess) for such a long time already. 2 years maybe? Maybe more. She hasn’t changed a bit, still the happy cute girl that I used to know while working in Infortech many years ago.

Their wedding was held in Corus Hotel, Jalan Ampang, in grand Crystal Ballroom.

Jess’s parents came all the way from Kuala Kangsar. I joined them in preparing for the big night in their hotel room.

Another I loved about the dinner was the fact that I got to meet a lot of my old friends back in the Infortech days. It was like a reunion of some sort. The two Henry’s, Hung Chye, all the way from Penang, Gallen etc! Ohh we had a grand of a time talking about the good old days, and talking bad about that old TTB! Hehehe!

This little project is also a good place for me to start experimenting. With slow shutter speed:

There was also the challenge of capturing something entirely new, something I have never encounter personally before. Dance! I know this is not something new, it’s just that I have never encountered this before in any of the weddings that I have been to.

Being new to this kind of thing, I naturally went ahead to capture the very best of the moment. Perhaps a little too enthusiastically. The band of dancing guest bumped right into me as I was taking their pictures!

Jess’s father gave a speech.

It was obviously a tear-jerker….

…. but funny at the same time!

At reunions like this, we’re reminded again at how strong human emotion can be. Bonds between us are rarely broken, not through time or space. No matter how far away you are, or how long you have been apart, friends and families find you back. That’s when emotions run high, a perfect time to capture the moment.

For old time sake, here’s one for the album.

Cheers to you Jess and Erick. May you have a wedded bliss together, for eternity!

More photos here.