Theme not showing at all!

Posted: 20th October 2007 by Jacky Yong in Computers

What’s happening? Why isn’t my themes in Drupal showing anything at all? I have just installed Drupal 5.3 into my host server, and everything looks good to go! I’m excited to get my new site up and running. So installed the standard stuffs like PathAuto, Token and Update_Status. Then downloaded some themes that I like, and the old Ubiquity Theme that I used before the upgrade. That’s funny, I can’t see them in the Administer — Themes link. Hmmm…. perhaps I should try logging out and re-login again. Tried that. No deal. I went away for a few hours, and logged back in at night. No luck! What is happening? Old Google to the rescue:
The answer: the themes are not compatible with Drupal 5.3 yet! Alamak, this is bad news indeed! That means one thing; I am stuck with this Garland theme! YUCK! Not very nice, I know. But what to do? *sigh…*