Help the dogs in Pulau Ketam!

Posted: 6th May 2009 by Jacky Yong in Current Affairs
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My heart sank when I saw the picture in the news. A thin fragile looking puppy clinging helplessly on a mangroove root!

A wet hungry looking puppy

A wet and hungry looking puppy

How can the people of Pulau Ketam do that to such helpless creatures? I can understand their predicament, their logic that the island “ain’t big enough for the both of us”. Throwing them on the deserted island seems the easiest and most economical way to dispose of them. I’m sure that there are no SPCA in Pulau Ketam!

But do they even think of the consequences? Dogs are not naturally good at climbing these awkwardly shaped mangroove roots. Their paws are not made to withstand such salty soil. I’m sure that they will get in a pretty big mess in that island. Canibalism, survival of the fittest, nature’s cruelest ways to ensure that the dogs live a long suffering life, IF, they survive at all.

I do not know any way that I can help. (I’m a cheapskate, don’t ask me to donate money! 😛 ) so I guess the best way is to spread the news around. Please help this dogs as much as you can! Click on the picture above to learn more about their plight.