Isn’t it ironic?

Posted: 5th October 2010 by Jacky Yong in Current Affairs, Silly me
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When the days are younger, we were much more innocent. Both Erynn and I both uses dumb phones, i.e. monochrome screens, mono channel audio ring tone (you can actually compose songs on them, remember?). No MMS, no fancy mancy touch screens.

Then we bought colour phones, the legendary Sony Ericsson K700i for her and a Sumsung flip phone for myself. It was big deal at that time, having used the old Motorola brick for some time. It was also the first phone that I bought all by myself. It has 18 months of warranty, and it died 18 months later. Kudos to the Samsung engineers, they really studied their product life cycle very well indeed. It was lucky I was picked up to test the Maybank Visa Wave phone, they gave a free Nokia 3220. It was a  very basic phone, but it turned out to be the best phone I have ever used.

Then the buzz was video calling. Neither of our phones got video calls, but in 2008 she bought me a Sony Ericsson W910i. That phone has video calls, but her K700i does not. I would like to buy her the Tube, the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music, but she said that it is not necessary. As it turned out, the K700i died too, and she used her mum’s old Nokia phone as a backup.

Last weekend I saw this good Nokia phone that is the successor to the 5800, the Nokia C6. It was on offer at that time for CIMB customers, so I bought it for her. FINALLY we can video call each other! But as fate has it, the day I bought the C6 was also the day my own W910i died on me! So now I am using back the old trusty Nokia 3220.

  1. Snoopy says:

    Time for iPhone4 jor.