List of word press plugins I use in my site

Posted: 19th November 2009 by Jacky Yong in Silly me
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This is not THE ULTIMATE must-have wp plugin list for everyone. Neither is this a TOP TEN most popular list. This is just a list for me to remind myself, in case my site needs to be re-installed for some reason. (But wait a minute, if I need to re-install my site, I wouldn’t be able to access this list in the first place! There, I just hit myself in the foot!) Let’s hope Google cache is able to cache my post in case the unexpected happens! =P

Here is the list in order of importance.

WordPress Automatic Upgrade
WordPress Database Backup
WP Security Scan
Feed reading Blogroll
Popularity Contest
Google XML Sitemaps
All in One SEO Pack
Random Blogroll
Random Posts
Post-Plugin Library
Does nothing by itself but supplies common code for the Similar Posts, Recent Posts, Random Posts, and Recent Comments plugins.

1) WordPress Automatic Upgrade

Most used plugin of them all. Better get used to the very frequent wordpress updates. Unlike the Microsoft world, the open source world updates itself very fast. This is a bad thing if you don’t have this plugin. Manual update of your site sucks!

2) WordPress Database Backup

I set the database backup to be sent to my mailbox every week. Although I have never had the need to restore the database before (touch wood), I don’t really intend to. But perhaps it would be wise to do a BCP run, just in case. Aiyaa …. wait till I’m free lar. 🙁

3. WP Security Scan

This is one of those plugins that you set one time and you forget about it. But nevertheless, its importance can never be overstressed. It’s kinda like the anti-virus software for your wordpress!

4. Feed reading Blogroll

This was how I got in touch back with my friends. I need this to see what my friends are up to. Facebook update is getting tiresome nowadays; it’s only filled with mindless updates about how my long-lost childhood friend needs help to fight off a dragon or a mafia gang in Cuba. Blogrolls are different. I know that they are real updates, and that they really made the effort to share their life with us. Well, except for that cute Korean babe site that I also have in my blogroll. *Ahem* 😀

5. Google XML Sitemaps

Again this is another site that you tend to forget about, but its importance can never be underestimated. Google is the largest search engine in the web world, and it makes sense if your site is visible to Google, if you intend to be searched. Set it one time, and you just let it run!

6. Popularity Contest

This is how I know that people love my post about my Altis and also my other older post about how to insert a Youtube movie in your Friendster account. I wonder why they love it so much. Nowadays I rarely use Friendster, and I think the steps are long outdated. Kinda biased, maybe I should reset the count already.

7. All in One SEO Pack

I don’t know if this should be in this list. I already have the Google XML sitemap installed, so should I still install this? I use this is a plugin because a lot of other wordpress bloggers use it. Is it redundant? I don’t know, but so far my posts shows in Google fairly quickly. Could be the Google sitemap at work or this one.

Honourable mentions

1. Akismet

This should not be in Honourable mentions, it should instead be in one of the top in my list. It saves me a lot of the spam comments that I suffered while still using Drupal. Ever since I was in WordPress, it’s been smooth sailing all the way! The reason Akismet is in this list is because it is installed in WordPress by default!

2. Random Blogroll

I used this before I used the Feed Reading Blogroll. Served me well for a while. But the lack of updates turns me off after a while.

3. Random Posts

Only used in the left column. I think this is not really visible. People who goes to my site rarely want to bump into an article by chance. They normally have something to search.

4. Post-Plugin Library

Does nothing by itself but supplies common code for the Similar Posts, Recent Posts, Random Posts, and Recent Comments plugins.

So there you have it. My list of plugins in my site. What plugins do you have in your site?

  1. cheefai7 says:

    Thanks jacky for having this up. Great list.