I support Ong Tee Keat!

Posted: 19th November 2009 by Jacky Yong in Current Affairs
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I am so happy when I saw the news today. Chew Mei Fen got the boot from the MCA council! PADAN DIA PUNYA MUKA!! I fully support this move. Her recent spat with Ong shows that she is no longer in-sync with the party’s objective. Anyone who is either with Ong, or against Ong. Yeah, yeah, Ong said that this has got nothing to do with her move to have an extra EGM on 28 Nov, but even the blind knows what his agenda is. But in any case, I still support him. His style might be dictatorian, but that is how China grew to be so big in the first place!

People, I urge you NOT to be pitiful to MF Chew. As Soi Lek  mentioned yesterday, MF Chew is indeed very “talented“. She is the only one among 7 million chinese in Malaysia who got a portfolio in the ministry even though she lost her constitution. (Chua, you forgot about Koh Tsu Koon 😀 )  MF Chew deserves it, and if she knows better, she had better resign from all her post in MCA. Nobody wants a loser in the party.

Looks like MCA is regaining back its shine after all. Let’s hope this stays