Malaysia is heading down the drain

Posted: 6th February 2014 by Jacky Yong in Current Affairs

I was having lunch with my ex-colleague Micky nearby, when an elderly Chinese couple sat on the same table with us. We didn’t say much at first, then they started talking. About Malaysia and how it is going from bad to worse. He said he witnessed a signing ceremony at Federol Hotel or something and he knows very well what the Federation of Malaya meant at that time. And that the late Tunku Abd Rahman was a good man. He really wanted the independent Malaya to be for all people of all races. That vision really meant something for him, and I can see from his fiery speech, they still do. But lately Malaysia’s politics has disintegrated into its lowest point, and it’s not showing signs of turning back up.

He mentioned that the late Tunku never had this Bumi preference when he formed Malaya. Those who worked hard will get rewarded fair and square. Simple economics. Problem came when UMNO got greedy and demanded more. Now you see all sorts of biased Bumi protection scheme. He said that the old Ma has over 250 companies to his name, none of it requiring him to lift a finger to do any real work. How’s that for fairness and equality?
Malaysia’s ringgit has devalued over the years and may probably go up ever again. He said the best bet is for us all to migrate away. The missus told us that her father migrated from China when the Japanese invaded China. He had the foresight to migrate away when the time is right. And so she told me that the time is right again. He continued to say that he forbid his children from ever setting foot back to Malaysia and contribute to this country, because it will only benefit a certain class of people. And he told me, for the sake of my future, my children’s future, he begged me to leave.
I did leave in the end, the restaurant was getting packed and we had to vacate or seats to other people. But I can’t stop thinking about what he said….
Oh he said his name was Sir Chin.