My house is now certified XP free!

Posted: 21st October 2007 by Jacky Yong in Computers, Silly me

With the demise of the last remaining computer in my house from using Windows as the main OS, I am now a proud owner of two happy Ubuntu machines! Couldn’t be more happier!

It started a bit scary at first, my main hard disk containing all my photos, suddenly couldn’t be mounted! It complained that my previous version of Windows did not shut down properly, and thus need to be forced mounted, or something like that. A bit of research revealed a tool aptly called NTFSFix. Run it once, restart your machine and may all your worries be gone!

And boy was I impressed! I playfully toyed with the option that allows for maximum effect in my desktop. I was not hoping for anything, because for one thing, I only have 512 MegaBytes of RAM, and no VGA card. I only have the Intel 915G built-in video, and in XP, that is barely enough to even play Counter Strike. I was pleasantly surprised when all the windows effect just popped to life! Have a look at this video, not mine, but just to give you an idea of what it is capable of. What you see is exactly what I have in my Gibbon.

Vista Aero? Come on, give me a break!

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