Update Garmin map on iDevice

Posted: 7th April 2013 by Jacky Yong in Computers

You should update to a legit copy of the Garmin MY-SG map you know. It was only like USD19.99 when I bought it, so that’s like about only RM60. You can afford just RM60 right? Buying a full fledged Garmin GPS machine will cost you hundred of ringgits, so RM60 is a bargain. Besides you already spend thousands of ringgits for your beloved iPhone, what’s RM60?

Since I have come clean, I suppose that the biggest question comes to mind : can I still update the Garmin map? Well let’s find out.

Why would I update my Garmin map by myself, you may ask. Well because Garmin themselves rarely updates the maps. And you know Malaysia’s roads, one year can bring a lot of difference, especially in the Klang Valley. So an updated map really helps.

The version of Garmin that I am using is 2.3. It has a lot of improvements compared to the earlier versions. Even the maps are much more updated, in fact on first glance I cannot see any difference between Malsingmap’s and this Garmin map.

To update the map, the steps are very similar with my earlier steps; find the Garmin map, combine it with the Malsingmap, and upload it back to your iDevice. Sounds simple? Yes actually it is.

Step 1 – Find the Garmin map


Open iFunBox to view this

As usual, I work with iFunBox. Go the User Application, and look for the folder structure as above. This time instead of gmap3d.img, you should download gmapsupp.img. If you notice, this file was not in the previous version of Garmin.

Step 2 – Combine the maps

Assuming you have already downloaded the latest copy of Malsingmap, use GMaptool to combine the Malsingmap and the gmapsupp.img that you have downloaded from the original Garmin folder. Rename the result file as gmapsupp.img

Step 3 – Upload the file back to your iDevice

And the last step is the reverse of Step 1. Use iFunbox and drag the combined gmapsupp.img back into the location above. It’s that simple! Go on, just go out and enjoy the new Garmin!

Oh one last thing. To do these steps, you MUST jailbreak your device. I have tried it on my brother’s iPhone 4 which is still virgin; I cannot transfer the combined map back to the phone using iFunbox.