What racial issues?

Posted: 8th October 2008 by Jacky Yong in Current Affairs
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There has been talks that racial unity in Malaysia is deteriorating. The Malays are pitting against the Chinese and the Indians and the condition in Malaysia is on the verge of exploding sky-high from the racial tension here. But to be honest, I do not really feel the hear where I am standing. I’m in Seri Kembangan, less than 15 minutes from Putrajaya, the administrative capital of Malaysia, and 40 minutes to KL using the new KL-Putrajaya highway. Is that close to the core enough? So when the media brazenly laid claim that racial relationship is breaking down, to that I say, “What racial issues?”

In my opinion, racial harmony is never better. Things are humming along just fine here in Malaysia, just like clockwork. Having grown up in the small town of Kampar, I grew up with a real nice Malay friend whom I proudly call my best friend. His name was Syed Nor Misuari. (I hope I got his name correct.) And that at a tender age of 7 years old! I speak fluent Malay. In fact when some Malay guy called me on the phone accidentally, and I spoke in Malay, he did not believe that I am chinese! I even carry a slang, the Perakian slang, though I do not realize it myself.

My circle of Indian, Chinese and Malay friends in my schooling days were plenty. We were young, but we were colour-blind, skin-colour blind, if I may coin the term myself. We played together, rough it out, tell dirty jokes and frolic in the sun together. There were never really a Malay group, or Chinese group, or Indian group.

Out in the working world, I have gotten acquaintance with quite a number of very well-educated Malays which is a far cry from the usual typical “melayu kampung” that are portrayed in televisions. And they succeed on their own right, not by any subsidy of the government. And I really respect that. They sometimes even code better than I am!

So why do we see the issues on racial tension in Malaysia? If you pay close attention to the current political turmoil in Malaysia, you will know the answer. And you will know that the people who kept on harping on the issue is located inside UMNO itself. I’m sure you all know by now, how Ahmad Ismail‘s racist remark triggered an avalanche of critism against the insensitive comment.

(To his comment, if the chinese are considered pendatang, then so are the Malays, because Parameswara crossed the Straits of Melaka from Palembang to Melaka, bringing with him the values of Malay culture from Indonesia. Can we also now call the Malays as pendatang then? The real natives of Malaysia are actually the orang asli. That will give you some food for thoughts)

The bigger problem is that Najib, who was with Ahmad when he made that statement, DID NOT utter a single word to stop him. What does that tell you my friends? And oh, you know what? He is about to become your Prime Minister of Malaysia, ladies and gentlemen! There is a very big problem in UMNO, and nobody is doing anything about it!

Here is how I see it as. Badawi is fed-up with the boys. Here he is talking about transfering his power and eventually resigning, and NOBODY is stopping him. In fact they are fighting for his post. But they fail to see the bigger picture. The ship that they are fighting for control over is sinking fast. And unless they quickly find the hole and promptly fix it, they will all die together.

The use of ISA to detain Raja Petra, who has did nothing wrong but blog about the truth, has drawn ire among the people. Has the government become so low as to use such a dirty tactic to arrest somebody? Hasn’t Malaysia the law to prosecute him properly without the use of ISA? And please don’t get me started about the Hindraf detainees and Teresa Kok. Poor Teresa, the fuckers who threw the petrol bomb to her mother’s home and punched a hole in her banner are real cowards who dare not show their face in the open public. I support you Teresa!

UMNO, MCA and MIC are in a dilemma. They are at  a cross road now, 50 years after the Independance, to find that their original agenda when they were formed half-a-century ago no longer applies in the 21st century. Racial politics are so last century. If they really want to surive, they should really think about dissolving their parties, and forget about their race. What Ketuanan Melayu? We chinese bow to no man, and that goes to all races in Malaysia!

Anwar should be made leader of Malaysia. This is the only charismatic leader that I can see. He is the only person who can lead a country properly. This is not only my opinion. Ask anybody on the streets, chances are, he is an Anwar supporter! The general sentiment here is that the current government of BN is no longer capable. We need a change, and we need it fast! Coz if all else fails, we might end up like Bangkok; barricade the parliament, force that BN goons to resign! And not die without seeing the fruits of your labour!