WordPress 2.5 is here!

Posted: 5th April 2008 by Jacky Yong in Computers

Yay! I have successfully upgraded to WordPress 2.5! Nothing revolutionary from the outside, but on the inside, a lot have changed. The dashboard is much cleaner, much more slicker. The more important and most used stuffs (Write, Manage, Design, Comments) are grouped to the top left in bold, while the less used options (Settings, Plugins, Users) are in smaller fonts to the right. Takes some getting used to, but I’m sure this will become second nature to me soon. Other lesser obvious changes are more about the security of the engine. Now by default, all passwords are salted. When you upgrade your WordPress, be sure to copy over the latest wp-config-sample.php, copy over your settings over from the previous wp-config.php, and then write over to wp-config.php. This new file contains the key to your salted passwords, so make sure you have them!

All said, nothing is perfect. I have a plugin called Popularity Contest. After I have upgraded to WordPress 2.5, it encountered a fatal error and stopped working. Lucky thing for good ol’ Google. In no time I had fixed it and it’s back up and running!